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Natural Vision making the world brighter one eye at a time

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Natural Vision of Madera is performing sight saving and sight enhancing eye surgery using the latest technology.

“When people reach their 40s and 50s they get cataracts,” said Dr. David B. Kaye of Natural Vision. “It is a fact of life, if you live long enough you will get cataracts,”

Together with his colleagues Dr. Loan K. Nguyen and Dr. Ning Lin, Kaye performs cataract surgery on an out-patient basis at Madera Community Hospital. New technology allows surgeons to replace a lens marred by cataracts with an artificial lens.

“The future of eye care lies in implanting contact lenses that will correct vision for those who are not candidates for laser surgery to correct near sightedness,”Kaye said.

Just this week the Federal Drug Administration has granted a patent for implantable contact lenses in the United States. The procedure has been available for several years in Europe.

Sandra Perry Bundy of Fresno came to Madera for her cataract surgery.

“It is amazing how well I can see,”Bundy said.

A veteran of a variety of jobs the 56-year-old Bundy has owned a towing service, worked as a mechanic, a bookkeeper, dispatcher and bartender, just to name a few.

Before visiting Dr. Kaye she didn’t know the surgery even existed.

“It like being reborn,” Bundy said.

Each eye is done separately and the surgeries are performed approximately two weeks apart. After surgery the patient also undergoes a treatment cycle of antibiotics to ward off infection.

“The pain is minimal,” Kaye said.

When interviewed Bundy was in for her second eye surgery.

“I would tell anyone considering cataract surgery to go for it,” Bundy said.

She is looking forward to being able to do handwork such as crocheting and sewing and bead work. Improved vision will aid greatly with driving.

Written by Laura Nguyen

Dr. Laura Nguyen has extensive training in general ophthalmology and specializes in oculoplastic surgery (lid and orbital reconstruction, and laser skin resurfacing). She has treated thousands of Central Valley residents and their families. She is available for comprehensive eye examinations and special consultations.
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