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Eyelid Lumps And Bumps

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Most Eyelid lumps and bumps go away without special treatment but not always.

  • Styes/Chalazion- each person has 4 eyelids and about 50 eyelashes per lid. At the base of each eyelash are nourishing wax glands( Meibomian). They create smooth oil that gives you that shiny attractive eyelid look. Well inside these glands are bacteria that work hard at cleaning the eyelash shafts. Sometimes, the bacteria are invaded by their ugly cousins that cause an inflammation in the eyelids, resulting in blocked pores, oily glands. They can recur. Take a warm wash cloth and apply it to your eyelids to reduce the swelling and allow the pores to open up and drain. If this doesn’t work, call us for further treatment.
  • Trichiasis – genetically, each person’s eyelashes curve in our out of your eyelids at different angles. Sometimes after lid inflammation your eyelashes turn in. This causes pain and blurred vision. Fortunately we have clever effective methods to correct for this. (photo). So don’t suffer, call us.
  • Papilloma—some people develop small bumps associated with viral infections (warts). Do not rub the eyes, they can spread.  The best treatment is to have these removed in the office
  • Cancer- yes, a form of skin cancer can present as a non-healing bump on the eyelid.  If you have a bump that grows, oozes, bleeds, and doesn’t respond to topical treatment, it could be a localized cancer. In doubt, come in for an evaluation.

We are here to assist and allay your concerns.  Call (559) 432-1000 for an appointment with Dr. Loan (Laura) Nguyen, M.D.
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Written by Dr. Nguyen

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