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Double vision

“Double vision is a terrifying experience, especially if you are young and wake up with it,” says a 36-year-old Asian engineer.  He noticed on a Friday afternoon that he was having difficulty walking.  By that evening, he couldn’t taste things properly on his tongue.  He woke up the next morning and experienced a dull headache and double vision.  The […]

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Patient letters

Natural Vision is grateful for the loyalty and trust of its patients.  Here’s what a couple of them had to say: “Dear Dr. Loan, Sarah’s eyes look much better with your help. We are really appreciative. ” –S.B.S. “Dr. Kaye…I am driving again and my sunglasses are off more than on.  I’m VERY happy with how well […]

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Central serous retinopathy

Central serous retinopathy is a relatively common condition in which a “blister” of fluid forms under the retina. Since this “blister” forms in the center of the retina and affects central vision, the condition has been appropriately named central serous retinopathy (CSR). The leakage is usually localized, but can be extensive.  Individuals between the ages of […]

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Trapshooter regains vision thanks to dedicated Madera surgeon

When Merced amateur trapshooter Kenneth Lobo noticed his targets were getting fuzzy, he decided to consult an eye doctor.  Seven years and three surgeries later, Lobo, 62, has returned to his sport — and will compete in the top national tournament for the first time — with nearly perfect vision.  Dr. David Kaye, a surgeon at Natural Vision in […]

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We’ve Moved In Sanger!

Natural Vision’s Sanger office has relocated across the parking lot of the oldlocation to 2514 Jensen Avenue, Suite 103. Patients will be pleased withNatural Vision’s more spacious and modern new office. Its sunlit walls arerefreshing and exude warmth and welcome. The larger space also allows NaturalVision to extend its optical display and now offers more […]

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Lasik Consultations!

Natural Vision™ is pleased to partner with SightPath Medical for LASIKprocedures. Consultations are free and scheduled with specialist, David B.Kaye, M.D. Dr. Kaye is the owner and founder of Natural Vision™ and has almost30 years of refractive surgery experience. He is distinguished as the CentralValley’s first refractive surgeon and is cornea-fellowship trained. Dr. Kaye iswidely […]

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