The years 2007 and 2010 were the start of the iPhone and iPad era. Since then,
the amount of digital device screen time that we are all exposed to has increased
According to the July 2018 VisionWatch survey by the Vision Council, more than
80% of adults report using digital devices for over 2 hours per day and nearly
67% say they use two or more devices simultaneously. This amount of digital
use would lead us to have more symptoms of dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision
and aches and pains which is known as digital eye strain.
The good news is that there are many solutions for this disorder. Such solutions
range from habitual changes such as limiting screen time, reducing brightness,
taking frequent breaks, eye blinking exercises, and using prescription eye drops.
Advancements in eyeglass and contact lens technology is also helping keep the
eyes protected and comfortable for prolonged digital screen time.
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