One of the most overlooked and undiagnosed conditions in eye care is dry eyes. This painful condition can severely affect a person’s vision and quality of life. “Patients may already have this condition right now without realizing it,” says Natural Vision’sTM Dry Eye Specialist, Dr. Aryan Pazirandeh. "Dry eyes don’t clear up on their own."



Dry eye symptoms include eye irritation, fatigue, sensitivity to light, tearing, and blurred vision. Some of these symptoms are so severe that they have been compared to symptoms of a heart attack. "Left untreated, this condition can cause devastating loss of function," Dr. Pazirandeh warns. "Additionally the valley’s climate (hot and dry) and pollution further exacerbates dry eyes and eye allergies."

There is good news, however. We now have new understanding in our treatments and management of this debilitating condition. Treatment is tailored for each patient, including eye medications, nutrition, and possible surgery. Proper and timely treatment has changed patients' lives, improving performance in school and work, as well as increased life happiness.