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Aug 14, 2017
Eclipse may pose danger to those who view it
About 500 miles northeast of Madera, and elsewhere in the U.S., people will be able to see the sun’s corona, the outermost part of its atmosphere that is normally drowned out by the brightness of the sun itself. Here a crescent sun will be visible, but

Mar 05, 2015
Protect Yourself Against Eye Injuries
According to eye experts and doctors, 90% of workplace eye injuries could be avoided or lessened if safety eyewear was worn properly.

Mar 05, 2015
Restoring Eye Sight with Scleral Contact Lenses
There are contact lenses available for virtually every vision problem including astigmatism, presbyopia, postsurgical and keratoconus. At Natural Vision we are committed to providing the best contact lens technology to help you see your world.


Double vision

Sep 21, 2011

“Double vision is a terrifying experience, especially if you are young and wake up with it,” says a 36-year-old Asian engineer.  He noticed on a Friday afternoon that he was having difficulty walking.  By that evening, he couldn’t taste things properly on his tongue.  He woke up the next morning and experienced a dull headache and double vision.  The ER was unable to solve the problem, and his MRI was normal. 

On Saturday night, he called Dr. David Kaye.  The engineer described his symptoms to Dr. Kaye and they met in the office that same night.  At about 2 a.m., it was obvious the engineer did not have a brain tumor, and his blood pressure and circulation were normal.  It was discovered he had a rare condition, which required the use of cortisone and immuno suppressive medications, which Dr. Kaye provided. 

The next day, Sunday morning, about 10 a.m., the engineer’s body began to respond to the intravenous treatment.  Four days later, his double vision had resolved, his tastebuds returned to normal, and he felt physically strong, with no more headaches.  He was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis, which is a disease of the central nervous system. 

With multiple sclerosis, the nerves between the brain and spinal column begin to break down.   The myelin, the sheath covering nerves, becomes inflamed, eventually causing electrical impulses along the nerves to slow down.  The nerves become progressively damaged and a person starts to experience difficulty with nervous system functions, such as vision, writing, walking. 

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